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EU-FIRE Kft. was established by its owners in 2001. By 2007 we participated in several, significant real estate development projects, in which we carried out design and main contractor duties. The company was named in 2007, it has since been operating under the name of EU-FIRE Real Estate Development and Consulting Kft. (Fire is an acronym and stands for Finance, Investment & Renewable Energy).

In addition to real estate developments, EU-FIRE Kft., as an expert at geothermal energy developments, is a stabile and successful company in Hungarian ownership with a significant role in the domestic market of environmentally friendly real estate developments and investments. One of our major motivators is innovation.

The goal of EU-FIRE Kft., as a player in the Hungarian and international economy, is to participate in activities, which represent social, national economy and global engagements. Our mission is to provide certain towns and communities with accessible geothermal energy and thereby enabling them to use energy at lower prices. This can all contribute to the reduction of energy dependence and renewable energy can reduce the ecological footprint of society, thereby protecting the future of our planet.

Recognizing the importance and priority of environmentally friendly energy sources, the expert team of the company is an active player and pioneer in Hungarian geothermal energy research and studies. We hope that our results will expedite the expansion of geothermal energy source utilization in Hungary.

In 2006 EU-FIRE Kft. established a separate division, which specifically deals with the professional issues of geothermal project technologies and the technical, legal and financial feasibility of geothermal projects. In addition, this division is in charge of the communication with the authorities, experts, municipalities, investors and other financing institutions. Its mission is to ensure the utilization of environmentally friendly energy sources in Hungary by using the opportunities inherent to geothermal energy. In order to finance geothermal projects, it is in contact with domestic and international banks, investors and risk management funds. It also has significant experience in the preparation of tenders for state and EU award procedures and the successful use of funding, which is confirmed by the funding awarded for our developments amounting to several billion Hungarian forints to date.

Our company’s philosophy is based on a quote from Gábor Bethlen „We cannot always accomplish what should be accomplished but we always have to do everything in our power.”

The services of EU-FIRE Kft. in the area of geothermal energy are the following

  • Preparation of analytical study (preparation of water and hydrogeological tests, analysis of geothermal potential, studying and coordinating the energy demand of public institutions, cost assessment, preparation of assessment of returns, feasibility studies)
  • Project management, implementation (preparation of licensing plan, cost calculation, calculation of returns, preparation of implementation plan, tender for contractors and the selection thereof, project implementation and coordination, technical inspection, conducting test operations, preparation of implementation design documentation, handover)
  • Establishment of a resource structure (ensuring both investor and bank background)
  • Operation