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Modernize the district heating system of your town!

The potential embedded in geothermal energy depends exclusively on local conditions. The natural gas use of a town or other establishment, thereby the emission of pollutants and operation costs can be largely reduced by the utilization of renewable energy. In areas, where abundant thermal water supply is available and the local conditions are adequate, it is possible to replace previously used fuel by geothermal energy. Currently about a dozen towns operate their district heating systems with geothermal energy domestically, in the remaining 208 towns the opportunity to use geothermal energy for district heating is yet to be exploited.

They already know!

In these municipalities are heated with geothermal energy

What steps constitute such a project?

  1. First we explore the possibility to exploit geothermal energy for district heating purposes in your town. We explore the geothermal conditions of the area, the potential for the reinjection of exploitable hot water, as well as the possible versions of constructing the system.
  2. If the findings of the exploration are encouraging, the investment plans, the licensing documentations and the business plan are prepared.
  3. We offer assistance in establishing the appropriate funding structure and involving award fund resources.
  4. Drillings are commenced and then the surface system is constructed and placed into operation.

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