OUR PROJECTS - Mosonmagyaróvár

Geothermal solutions

The Geothermal Heating System of Mosonmagyaróvári

In progress

The current district heating system of Mosonmagyaróvár uses natural gas for heating. The purpose of the project in Mosonmagyaróvár is to connect a new heat center utilizing renewable geothermal energy to the existing, primary district heating supply cable, thus satisfying the basic heat demand. Thus, we transform the district heating system to mostly geothermal energy based, in peak periods a gas furnace can supplement this system.

We plan to implement the geothermal heat center in the South Western part of the town. The planned establishment includes a geothermal heat supply system of max.10 MW capacity, as well as all the necessary additional equipment. The primary steps of the project are the following:

  • Drilling of production well
  • Drilling of reinjection well
  • Design and development of heat center
  • Connecting the heat center to the existing distribution network
  • Construction of the piping connecting the wells and the heat system
  • Expansion of the existing distribution network
  • The expected commencement date of construction is January 2015, the completion of the project is envisaged by the end of 2017.

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