Our Values

What guided us

The chief officers of our managements

Dr. Imre Kovács
  • Rotary Club Budapest, Past District Governor 2007
  • Rotary International 1911 District
  • St. Anthony Foundation of Zugló, President of the advisory board

Social responsibility

commitment to the society is about the role we take for the benefit of society both as a company and as individuals through our primary business activities, social investments and our charity programs. In all areas of our activities, we strive to improve life standards to achieve a healthy, safe and maintainable environment.

Our company`s programs

  • Supporting Károly Bodoki Henter kindergarten and primary school in Transylvania
  • Supporting the foundation „Joint together for children with leukemia”
  • Supporting Pál Heim Children’s Hospital
  • A permanent supporter of the Hungarian Rotary Club 1911 District’s programs (such as the Gift of Life program – supporting the life-saving surgeries of children with heart disease)
  • Supporting the water polo team of Kecskemét
  • Knowledge sharing; cooperation with university professors and students

Cooperation, trust

We always offer solutions, with which we can best support the business goals of our clients. We are working with our partners in a committed cooperation, by fully taking into account their priorities and opportunities. It is important to us to provide our partners with stability and thereby also flexibility.


We consider it a priority to be able to renew, create a lasting value. One of our main motivators is innovation. Recognizing the importance and priority of environmentally friendly energy sources, EU-FIRE´s expert team is an active player and pioneer in Hungarian geothermal energy research and studies. We hope that our results facilitate the expedited extension of utilizing Hungarian geothermal energy sources.