Superficial geothermal energy

Award opportunities for superficial geothermal energy developments

The purpose of financing:
The purpose of the financing program is to provide the funding required for the building energy development of the residential sector in order to increase the energy efficiency of and the utilization of renewable energy by residential buildings.

Financeable activities:
Regarding the activities eligible for financing, both in case of natural persons, as well apartment buildings and apartment associations, the description contains detailed information regarding the activities directed at improving energy efficiency and utilization of renewable energy.

Submission window: April 24, 2017 – December 31, 2022

Persons eligible for financing include
1. natural persons,
2. apartment buildings and
3. apartment associations

Interest rate: 0% annual rate

Loan amount
In case of natural persons minimum HUF 500,000, maximum HUF 10 million.
In case of apartment buildings and apartment associations minimum HUF 500,000, maximum HUF 7 million per apartment.

Down payment
The expected amount of down payment is at least 10 % of the accountable cost of the project. In certain cases the down payment may include the amount saved in a real estate savings account including state subsidy and savings interest. The costs of administrative activities arising during the financing program, such as the appraisal fee, the energy certificate and the real estate insurance can also be deducted from the down payment.

During the award procedure no
- administrative fee
- availability fee
- prepayment fee, or
- contract amendment fee is charged.

Term of the loan:
A maximum of 20 years from the conclusion of the loan agreement, which also includes the potential grace period and availability period.

Not more than 18 months from the conclusion of the loan agreement.


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The objective of the program:
The objective of the financing program is to increase the competitiveness of micro-, small and medium sizes businesses not eligible for any or sufficient financing, as well as their up-to-date ability to develop products and services and to support the aforementioned by providing them with outside financing. The financing program finances such financially viable and profitable developments of micro, small and medium sized businesses that, with the utilization of renewable energy sources (with the exception of wind energy), produce electricity for networks.

Submission window:
February 28, 2017 – June 30, 2018

Submission of application:
The credit application may only be submitted to an authorized agent in a contractual relationship with MFB Zrt. MFB Zrt. publishes a list of its agent on its website.

Available allocations
HUF 30 billion

micro, small and medium sized businesses

Loan amount
Minimum HUF 1 million, maximum HUF 1 billion

Down payment
minimum 10%

Interest rate: 0% annual rate

What the financing can be used for:
The loan provided under the financing program can be used for the implementation of the final beneficiary´s financially feasible project for the following specific purposes:
• Preparation activities (cannot be independently financed, only together with certain investment activities)
• Investment activities: real estate purchase; investments into objects of art, building construction, development costs and immaterial goods
• Costs related to developments (cannot be independently financed, only together with certain investment activities)

depending on rate of use, for a maximum of 15 years

Availability period
A maximum of 24 months from the conclusion of the loan agreement (when justified, it can be extended by 6 months).

Project implementation deadline
The project shall be completed within 24 months of the conclusion of the agreement both physically and financially. When justified, this deadline can be extended by 6 months.


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The purpose of financing
The measures are to be taken on a regional level, by supporting touristic product packages and small scale thematic touristic developments, with which coordinated developments based on county level touristic attractions can be implemented. With the above, opportunities arise to utilize and develop the local and regional cultural and natural heritage targeting tourism.

Name of financing program
TOP-1.2.1-16 – Touristic development sustainable from social and environmental aspects

Form of financing

Selecting grantees
standard procedure

Amount of financing (HUF)

Beginning of submission
May 31, 2017

Submission deadline
September 29, 2017

Local municipalities, municipal office (budgetary bodies), affiliates of local municipalities, businesses established by local municipalities and municipality affiliates, in which the municipalities hold a majority ownership stake, ecclesiastical legal persons, civil organizations with a established in the territory of Hungary and with their headquarters located here, with legal capacity

Percentage of financing

Minimum amount of financing (HUF)

Maximum amount of financing (HUF)

Number of financed projects (minimum - maximum)
91 - 160


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