GINOP Plus-1.2.1-21

Because it is important not only to build one of the base plants of the domestic health industry, but also to rely on renewable energy sources. Our goal is to be able to cover the energy needs of most of the facilities of the plant from our own energy resources.

Beneficiary Name: EU-FIRE Real Estate Development and Consulting Limited Liability Company

The subject and purpose of the development: “Technology and infrastructural development at the factory of Eu-fire Ltd. in Mátészalka”

The amount of the contracted support; 195 998 097 HUF

Detailed presentation of the project content: Infrastructure and real estate investment, application of renewable energy technologies aimed at covering the energy needs of economic and production processes and in-plant structures by producing renewable energy, new tools leading to technological development purchases

Planned date of physical completion of the Project: 31.08.2022.