We are designing and implementing heating and cooling system utilizing renewable, geothermal energy, which will create environmentally friendly solutions and energy independency for those living in surrounding areas. 


Throughout the country the highest European standards projects carried out in geothermal projects in preparation of the construction. We take an active part in Fundraising and established operation systems.


The expensive and outdated heating systems are upgradeable and can be provoked by geothermal energy in municipalities where significant thermal water resources and endowments are also suitable.


Geothermal energy is the energy of the future, Hungary is big thermal power. If you are looking for a profitable investment opportunity, you can see our offers!


Hungary´s geothermal energy potential is well known in Europe and even worldwide, the ratio of geothermal energy to the total energy used currently does not reach the desired level yet. For its use to be generally widespread and for it to at least partially replace the currently popular energy sources, a change in attitude is required, which process has already begun but it will take time to fully go through. We are working on speeding up this process. Our hope is that you will join us in this work.

Work with us!
If you want to work for a fast growing, innovative and committed to green energy in addition to the team, send your CV to the e-mail address info@eu-fire.hu.

Inexpensive and clean – the kind of energy we would all like to have. Geothermal energy is such, in addition in Hungary it is abundantly available. EU-FIRE Kft. commenced such projects in several towns, which modernize the district heating system supply of the town by replacing natural gas based heat production with geothermal energy. Find out more about the opportunities embedded in geothermal energy and support our efforts so you can also enjoy the benefits of this green energy as soon as possible!

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Affordable for anyone planning a long-term heating costs for families.
Geothermal energy derived electricity favorable price to the public.