A truly efficient and profitable water purification system

Water purification equipment manufacturers treat small and medium-sized farms poorly: they do not make systems with optimal capacity for them. The EU-Fire Group now offers effective assistance to these businesses. But not only for them, but also for residential complexes, large gardens and industrial players.

The minimum goal is drinking water quality, but the result can be better – this ambitious promise is turned into reality by the excellent, domestically developed water treatment plant distributed by AGRO-PROSPECT Ltd., which belongs to the interest of the EU-Fire Group.

The water purifier is ideal for small and medium-sized farms – its capacity of one thousand liters per hour is enough to water the herd, while its price is much more affordable than the industrial-performance equipment available on the market, mostly adapted to the needs of large livestock farms.

In addition, the savings are not one-time: even during the operation of the water purification system it saves its owner.

The system filters ammonia and iron out of the water, and the latter has negative consequences: other pollutant particles, such as arsenic, “stick” to it, and it promotes the growth of various bacteria. Thus, the use of a water purifier also has a positive effect on cattle, effectively contributing to the development of the highest quality animal welfare conditions/practices. The application of the system will “help” in the following areas in the short term, be it intensive livestock farms or gene conservation farms.

  • feed utilization
  • reproductive biology
  • chosen progeny
  • Productivity
  • use of medicinal products
  • mortality

It goes without saying that not only livestock is better “maintained” by the water purifier distributed by AGRO-PROSPECT, but also the infrastructure: its use extends the life of the elements of the drinking system.

And you know so much more

Just as it goes without saying that the area in which the system operates is not limited to agriculture, just a few examples of where it can be deployed.

  • provides perfectly clean water for watering landscaped gardens
  • solves the communal water supply of apartments and hotels
  • also solves the water supply problems of houses and cottages far from utility infrastructures
  • excellent for filling pools, it is unnecessary to pre-filter many, many cubic meters of water if used
  • helps to replace drinking water used for industrial cleaning tasks

How it works

The system works with high-pressure air, the oxygen content of which causes the iron in the water to precipitate in the form of flakes – and assembles into a kind of “slag”. The resulting sludge is filtered out by a special layer of gravel in the equipment. (The latter can be easily cleaned from time to time with a simple procedure.)