Industrial production: the smart plant

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From idea to finished product


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Custom and mass production: we know everything about metalworking

With a world-class precision machine park and an international team of specialists, we cost-effectively implement our customers’ designs from idea to finished product.

The EU-Fire Group has built a smart plant in Kocsord, where in automated processes, with the help of robots and prepared employees, almost anything can be created from metal, and many things also from plastic. (In the case of the latter products, the factory mainly focuses on cleanroom manufacturing of medical supplies.)
But Kocsord’s real knowledge is innovative metalworking. If the customer has a sample, the design process is essentially to “scan” it, send the data into intelligent milling machines, and start production – and with amazing precision: the sample or the product made on its basis matches to an accuracy of one thousandth of a millimeter. (If there is no sample, the process is slightly longer, since the desired piece is first “molded” with a 3D printer based on the plans.)
The special knowledge of the plant is reflected in the complexity of the orders. One of the outstanding areas is that of fine mechanical parts, our plant in Kocsor is able to produce parts for telescopes and vision correction devices, and it can also easily cope with the production of optical shape-shifting tools and machine parts.

Just as there is no problem in producing parts used for automation, be it pieces of automatic equipment, lens production machines, as well as units of koverjor orbits. Due to space constraints, it is not possible to list what the EU-Fire Group’s smart plant is capable of, here, it is that it produces high-quality parts for medical equipment, metrology devices, industrial machines, cars (if these are pieces produced by cutting). Last but not least, the price of manufacturing ready-made individual parts at any time, such as special armatures, taps, valves, control elements, are among his references.

Our smart plant not only produces and copies, but also tries to improve. Most recently, for example, one of the world’s leading optical companies has perfected its inline lens mounts to better withstand the load.


  • metal and plastic cutting works with CNC milling machines
  • CAD planning activity
  • locksmithing works
  • arc welding, argon shielded arc welding
  • procurement and cutting to size of raw materials
  • production of individual parts with small serial numbers, following the special needs of the customer
  • excellent machinery for the work

From idea to finished product

Industrial production projects


Sustainability and a green future are effectively served by geothermal solutions. In order to build high-quality geothermal systems, the EU-Fire Group develops its machinery from time to time. So he bought a hydraulic crawler drill.

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