They wake up Kiskunhalas from the “dream of Sleeping Beauty”

It will soon be revealed how the EU-Fire Group will make use of its well in Kiskunhalas. So far, it has not been able to take action on the well drilled years earlier because it has been hampered by regulation. Now, deep in the well, an alternative is visible that is suitable for both thermal energy and power generation.

Among the major health industry manufacturers, the EU-Fire Group

Ukrainian, Chinese and Australian companies were all interested in premium nitrile gloves made at the EU-Fire Group’s plant in Mátészalka. The venue is Düsseldorf, where our company participated in the MEDICA as a member of a strong „Hungarian national team”.

A truly efficient and profitable water purification system

Water purification equipment manufacturers treat small and medium-sized farms poorly: they do not make systems with optimal capacity for them. The EU-Fire Group now offers effective assistance to these businesses. But not only for them, but also for residential complexes, large gardens and industrial players.

Production started at EU-Fire Group’s factory in Kocsord

Our company group has built a double-knowledge smart plant in Kocsord. The factory, implemented with government support, on the one hand, has special metalworking capabilities, and on the other hand, it produces medical devices using automated injection molding machines.