Our future will be livable if our present is secure

What do a Transylvanian prince, a family-friendly company, and a heat source rising from more than two thousand depths have in common? The promise of a better life.

“You cannot always do what you must, but you must always do what you can,” was Gabor Bethlen’s credo, to which he adhered. As a prince, he raised Transylvania and made it more livable for the average person, while at the same time having to avoid the wrath of the sultans, resist the expansionist ambitions of the Habsburg rulers, and come to terms with the domestic orders. He left people with an evolving, more comfortable, better world. Gábor Bethlen’s creed is also ours: we do what we must and can.

When it comes to social responsibility, public discourse tends to be simplified, limiting the concept to philanthropy and community building.  There is no dispute that it is extremely important for a company to lend a helping hand to those in need, create a freely usable knowledge base or support sports. The EU-Fire Group has done so on countless occasions. A few examples, but not exhaustive: in cooperation with the Ökumenikus Segélyszervezettel, they made life easier for Hungarian children in Transcarpathia; We collaborated with university lecturers and students and supported the handball team of Mosonmagyaróvár.

Yet, for the EU-Fire Group, social responsibility means much more than selfless actions. Rather, it is an approach that creates community value and creates a successful business at the same time. The two important divisions of our group of companies are investments in our present and the future of our children. Our geothermal systems would produce energy cleanly, without eviscerating or polluting the environment – while guaranteeing security of supply at affordable prices. Our medical equipment manufacturing plants not only meet the needs of everyday life, but also protect the country from running out of basic equipment for protection during an emergency, such as epidemics.

In other words, we hope that Hungary will be a little more livable, sustainable and safer from the fact that the EU-Fire Group is doing its job.  However, we would like to leave a Hungary that promises the best possible quality of life to our children. Of course, for this it is not enough to focus only on efficiency, realization and business success. Whatever we do, we believe in humans, and foremost, in family.

So, the EU-Fire Group pays attention to the family, not only in its core business, social investments and charity work, but also tries to shape its internal workings in this way. We have also earned the “Family-friendly Workplace” rating – because we believe that efficient work and meaningful privacy are not mutually exclusive, but rather reinforcing.  And indeed, the family-friendly approach has both strengthened the commitment and performance of our employees.

For example, when the coronavirus pandemic raged and educational institutions closed, we opened a kindergarten on the top floor of our headquarters, thus easing the situation of our employees whose personal presence was absolutely necessary. And kindergarten is not an exaggerating name of the children’s deposit:  the little ones were tied up by kindergarten teachers with interactive toys, taken to the playground, and slept on mobile beds in the afternoon.  (With maximum precautions, of course.)

In short, we at the EU-Fire Group stand together in times of both difficulties and successes. Because it is possible to build a livable future if the present provides a secure background.