Agriculture: a reimagined tradition

There are some things that should not be compromised, such as food. If it’s excellent, it’s good for gums, health – and it helps you get through hard times.


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Acorns, biogas, water purifier and the past: a fresh approach to domestic agricultural investments

At the same time, the agricultural division of the EU-Fire Group brings back “the old-time meat goods” and applies modern environmentally conscious technologies. In addition, it consistently provides space for domestic developments that make the operation of small and medium-sized farms more efficient.

The agricultural division of EU-Fire group of companies undertakes an ambitious task: to revive the Hungarian agricultural and gastronomic traditions – and to do so in a sustainable way. There is no dispute, the undertaking may seem like a contradiction. However, in recent years, life has turned in such a way that the past is partly the future. The past, built on the duality of flavor and thrift. The latter concept is extremely diverse. In the days of our ancestors (and even our grandmothers and grandpas), saving was part of the shelf life without energy consumption, turning every piece of cattle into a kitchen ingredient, and minimizing certain ingredients – preferably without defecting the taste.

The EU-Fire Group believes that by keeping Hungarian breeds alive, using innovative, environmentally conscious technologies, providing animal-centered housing conditions that provide an experience of proximity to nature, building a complete production chain and establishing a fair value for money, “the old-time meat goods” can once again be on the table, even in times of crisis.

This is the case, for example, of our investment in Kisfüzes, where a gene-preserving pig farm helps to multiply and promote the Hungarian big white pig in Keszthely.

From here, some of the cattle come out as breeding animals, while the other part comes out as uniquely flavored, excellent smoked ones – which can serve as the basis for flavorful, affordable food. However, while sows and piglets are here, their feed is enriched by an “ancient ingredient”, acorns, and the energy needed to cover their needs is produced by a biogas plant.

Of course, the EU-Fire Group division does not focus exclusively on complex projects. It provides space for promising domestic inventions that make the everyday life of animal breeders easier, making their operation cheaper and more efficient.

Most recently, for example, it has brought to the market an innovative water purification plant that is smaller and cheaper than its competitors and effectively solves the watering problems of small and medium-sized farms.


A truly efficient and profitable water purification system

We offer you the smallest water purification system available in Hungary that is also suitable for drinking the animals, which is budget-friendly. In addition, it is almost universal: it can be installed not only in agriculture, but it also serves well when it comes to providing water supply to homes, cottages, boarding houses, and also effectively extends the life of high-value industrial machines.

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