Geothermal energy: renewable energy

An alternative solution that can meaningfully replace natural gas and increase its share in the domestic energy mix.


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We reduce energy dependence with cheap and environmentally friendly geothermal energy

One can successfully escape the energy emergency and build green heating systems that have been in operation for decades in Hungary if its communities and cities can take advantage of the opportunities offered by geothermal energy. We will help you with this.

In essence, it is still a sleeping giant, even though it knows everything necessary for a more liveable, safer future: it is geothermal energy. However, it exploits a fraction of the potential of Hungary thermal water to harness. The mission of the EU-Fire Group is to awaken the giant from its dream and to provide energy to communities, cities and industry with sustainable solutions, at affordable prices, guaranteeing security of supply.

The EU-Fire Group founded its geothermal division in 2006 and has become a leading player in the market: it knows all the steps of creating a geothermal system in depth, and from the conception of the idea to the transfer of the heating system, it effectively manages and complicates the research, technical, legal and, of course, the financial ones.

In the case of the latter, it is important to mention that in order to be successful in financing geothermal projects, the EU-Fire Group, on the one hand, has built fruitful relations with domestic and international banks, investors and venture funds, and on the other hand, it has accumulated considerable experience on how to effectively raise public and European Union tender funds, up to the volume of billions. Geothermal energy has become extremely valuable in recent months, as the war in Ukraine has made energy dependence a bitter reality of everyday life, as has the unbridled increase in gas prices.

The EU-Fire Group offers a solution whose cost is predictable, constant and cheaper; which is work-proof, because it is not affected by production difficulties; which guarantees security of supply; with which a city saves millions of cubic meters of gas and thus does not destroy its air with many thousands of tons of carbon dioxide.


  • Complete design of geothermal systems, condition check
  • Leading projects, actively participating in their implementation on demand
  • Formation of the necessary financial structure
  • Operation of implemented geothermal systems

Geothermal projects