Innovation is our driving force

Founded in 2001, EU-FIRE Group has expanded its activities in recent years by establishing additional divisions in addition to the core business branch of real estate development. The company entered the field of exploiting geothermal energy resources in 2006, a few years ago established industrial and healthcare production capacities, and launched its agricultural division. The group is to soon launch its tourism developments as well.
The most important driving force of EU-FIRE Group is innovation, while its core values are traditions and supporting the families.

Geothermal Division

Recognizing the importance and prominent role of environmentally friendly energy sources, the company’s expert team is an active participant and leading representative of geothermal energy research and surveys in Hungary. In 2006, EU-FIRE Group established a separate division that deals specifically with the professional issues of geothermal project technologies, the technical, legal and financial feasibility of geothermal projects. In order to finance geothermal projects, EU-FIRE is in contact with domestic and international banks, investors, hedge funds and has significant experience in the preparation and successful use of state and European Union tenders for projects, which is confirmed by the multi-billion forint funding obtained for their investments.

Our services are as follows:

  • Preparing an analysis (water and hydrogeology tests, analysing of geothermal potential, reviewing and coordinating the energy requirement of public institutions, making of cost and return on investment (ROI) estimates, feasibility studies)
  • Project management, implementation (preparing of implementation plan documents and building permit drawings, cost calculation and ROI calculation, roll-out plan, call for tenders and choosing the contractors, managing and coordinating the project, technical supervision, test run, hand-over)
  • Setting up the financial structure (providing investor and bank resources)
  • Running the finished project.

Health Care Industry Division

In response to the challenges posed by Covid-19, EU-FIRE Group established plants in Kocsord, and Mateszalka to produce medical gloves, syringes, injection needles, surgical forceps and haemostats, as well as surgical scalpels and scissors.

The plants are able to turn out annually 230 million syringes, 190 million injection needles, 50 million medical rubber gloves, 500 thousand scalpels, 100 thousand various surgical tweezers, 100 thousand surgical scissors, safety goggles, silicone masks, metal implants and prostheses, as well as various plastic and metal parts for ventilators and resuscitating machines. Our primary aim is to meet government, hospital, and reseller requirements, but we also place great emphasis on satisfying the health care product demands of neighbouring countries. We believe that it is important to understand the technical requirements of our partners, so that on this basis we are able to manufacture unique products with a short lead time. We fully meet Hungarian and European standards, as well as quality and regulatory specifications. It is an objective of EU-FIRE Group to meet the product requirements of Hungarian health care and to export products also to other countries.

Injection needles

Our injection needles are made in accordance with the strictest international EN, ISO standards, using a quality management system based on EN ISO 13485:2016. Our production capacity enables the manufacturing of 100 million needles annually in each product category, i.e. 190 million needles in all.


Our syringes are made in accordance with the strictest international EN, ISO standards, using a quality management system based on EN ISO 13485:2016. Our production capacity enables the manufacturing of 230 million syringes annually in each of the following categories: 1ml three-part, and 2, 5, 10 and 20ml two-part syringes.

Rubber gloves

We have the capacity to produce 50 million disposable, powder-free, non-sterile nitrile rubber gloves in our Mateszalka plant annually. These powder-free nitrile examination and protective gloves are primarily recommended for latex sensitive users. As examination gloves, these products are used in the fields of human health and animal health, and also as industrial and protective household gloves.

Other medical products

Our plants offer a substantial Hungarian owned supplier capacity to Hungarian health care.

Industrial Division

At its Mateszalka and Kocsord industrial production plants, EU-FIRE Kft. employs a world-class manufacturing technology which meets the highest requirements, placing great emphasis on the ongoing development of machines, while fully meeting the requirements of Hungarian and foreign customers.

Our main activities include metal and plastic fabrication, single unit and serial production of complicated and high-quality milled machine and tool parts, and manufacturing of parts primarily designed to meet special industrial needs.

Fields of activities:

  • Metal and plastic milling activities in serial and single unit production
  • CNC machining (stainless and carbon steels, aluminium, non-ferrous metals, plastics)
  • Arc welding, argon gas welding
  • Metalworking industry activities
  • Grinding of plane and cylindrical surfaces
  • Plate machining (edge bending, laser cutting, flame cutting)
  • Manufacturing of panels for façades and interior decoration
  • CAD supported machine manufacturing
  • Single unit production
  • High volume production
  • Raw materials are acquired and cut to size.

Agricultural Division

The agricultural division of the EU-FIRE Group is growing on an ongoing basis, and this undertaking currently performs agricultural activities on approx. 150 hectares, primarily in Borsodgeszt and environs. EU-FIRE Group’s main activities are sylviculture, fruit growing and winery, intensive pig farming and extensive grey cattle breeding.


The size of the forest areas managed by EU-FIRE Group is currently about 30 hectares. The forests around Sály and Borsodgeszt contains oak, ash, pine, black pine and acacia. During the sustainable management of these areas, the company attaches importance to the protective, public welfare and economic role of forests.

Fruit growing and winery

The agricultural areas managed by the EU-FIRE Group include high-quality arable land, orchards and vineyards that still need to be developed today.

Intensive pig farming

The Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences implements a joint R&D&I program with the EU-FIRE Group subsidiary, AGRO-PROSPECT Kft. Within the framework of the program, experts will establish an innovative pig farm in Kisfüzes, for a pig herd of 250 breed for gene protection.

Extensive grey cattle breeding

The EU-FIRE Group keeps a Hungarian grey cattle herd of 200 animals in Székelyszenterzsébet, Harghita County. The main purpose of the herd is gene conservation. The animals are reared in a completely natural environment.


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