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We offer safety and quality as a key player in the Hungarian healthcare industry

There is a factory in Mátészalka, one of the most modern plants in the country: it can single-handedly provide 50-60 percent of the domestic nitrile glove and syringe supplies. And it’s also fast: it fills a truck with sterilized products in as little as 48 hours. Its capacities can also be used by third-party companies.

We live in a troubled age, different epidemics follow one after another, the umpteenth wave of the coronavirus is rushing, Ebola has regained strength in Africa, the news is about monkey pox, while we have also left with us our usual pathogens: from the flu virus to rotavirus. All this puts an astonishing burden on healthcare, with such an examination/treatment pace, there has been a shortage of many basic equipment. More than 80 percent of these were sourced from abroad Hungary, but difficult times have reshaped the logic of health industry and commerce.  Now everyone is trying to meet national needs first and export only the remaining items.

The EU-Fire Group is thus working to make the country self-sufficient in some basic health supplies. And our robotized-automated plants in Mátészalka and Kocsord can meet 50-60 percent of domestic needs when it comes to syringes, nitrile gloves, various surgical instruments, or even needle disposing bids. (To give an idea of the magnitude: the factory in Mátészalka can produce 350 million units per year from several products.)

It is essential that our products are constantly tested. Essentially, every batch can be traced back, the raw material, supplier, production process can be checked.

The application of our strict quality assurance system is especially important for nitrile gloves,  because so far no one has tried to produce this product in Hungary, but also not very much in Europe: half the world depended on suppliers from the Far East.

In terms of characteristics, the EU-Fire Group’s nitrile gloves are ahead of most (Asian competitors): they do not tear, do not slip, do not wrinkle, do not “crumble”, and what is at least as important as their physical characteristics: they do not provoke allergic reactions. Thus, it is an obvious choice not only in healthcare, but also in the automotive, hospitality, beauty industry.


  • Manufacture and packaging of nitrile gloves, syringes, needles for injection
  • Manufacture and packaging of surgical instruments (including scissors, scalpels, tweezers)
  • Production and sterilization of 32 pallets (one truck) of some products within 48 hours of receiving the order
  • Heat treatment of metal products in a high-tech heat treatment furnace that can hold one cubic meter of goods
  • Sterilization of packaged products using high-capacity equipment (32 pallets in 24 hours)
  • Production of metal tools using high-performance presses

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GINOP Plus-1.2.1-21

Because it is important not only to build one of the base plants of the domestic health industry, but also to rely on renewable energy sources. Our goal is to be able to cover the energy needs of most of the facilities of the plant from our own energy resources.

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