The history of the EU-Fire Group in a nutshell. Here’s what’s important to us.


Péter Kovács founds the predecessor of EU-Fire Ltd. as a university student

The story began with the renovation of an ambassador’s house, the business soon became one of the much-employed players in the market.


The owner is looking for new ways, with sustainability in focus

Due to the circular debts affecting the construction industry, Péter Kovács is looking for a profile expansion, a long-term, sustainable, environmentally friendly sector with few players.

October 2006

EU-Fire Ltd. establishes its geothermal division

The new “leg” will be managed by Imre Kovács (the owner’s father) and Jenő Kontra, head of department at the Budapest University of Technology.

November 2006

Green business launches

Research and studies are being carried out on the utilization of sustainable energy sources and the feasibility of geothermal systems that can substantially replace gas and electricity consumption.


The company is renamed

At this time, it will be renamed EU-Fire Real Estate Development and Consulting Ltd., and the existing and newer companies, belonging to the ownership interest, will be called EU-Fire Group.


Csongrád cascade system is completed

The geothermal solution makes the heating of the institutions cheap and green, and the water supply of the city’s bath is also solved.

April 2016

Péter Kovács became a member of ETIP’s top governing body

The European Deep Geothermic Technology and Innovation Platform (ETIP), recognised by the European Commission, represents the interests of the deep geothermal industry in the EU.

June 2016

The certificate on the conversion of the district heating system in Kecskemét is completed

After several years of work, the EU-Fire Group has mapped out the possibility of geothermal heating of the city, and has prepared the technical, construction and financial plan of the implementation.

September 2016

EU-Fire Group becomes a strategic partner of the Ökomenikus Segélyszervezet

Since then, our group of companies has been doing everything possible to make the lives of children of the Carpathian Basin better and safer.


Péter Kovács and Imre Kovács support life-saving heart surgeries

Through the Rotary Club Gift of Life program, they have helped heal more children. It was almost a miracle when  the  doctors in Szeged saved the life of a one-and-a-half-year-old  boy from Arad with Down syndrome with two complicated surgeries.

November 2020

The geothermal system in Mátészalka starts

In almost all district heating-heated apartments in the city, in more than 1650 homes, the EU-Fire Group provides the heat.

May 2021

EU-Fire Group’s smart plant in Kocsord starts production

The highly-robotized factory represents cutting-edge technology in metalworking, and its state-of-the-art injection molding machines produce medical equipment.

July 2022

EU-Fire’s health plant in Mátészalka is ready

Capable of hundreds of millions of capacities a year, the fully automated plant alone provides 50 to 60 percent of the country’s nitrile glove and syringe needs. And this is also true for many of its surgical instruments.

We are the EU-Fire Group

EU-Fire is a diverse group of companies, home to many business lines, from geothermal to the health industry and to pig farming. However, all its interests have one thing in common: profit does not come alone, in addition to profit (and sometimes even before) there is a noble cause.

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