Development of the geothermal district heating system in Mátészalka

The geothermal system of the EU-Fire Group provides the heat in most of the city’s district heating apartments. While the district heating company in Mátészalka does not have to burn 1 million cubic meters of gas and energy dependence is easing, the environment can breathe a sigh of relief.

Within the framework of the planned development, a thermal well with a depth of 1200 meters was established on the territory owned by the municipality. Based on the planned water flow, a heat capacity of 2.5 MW can be achieved. For recovery, a single-pipe cascade system is constructed. Heat is delivered to the existing 7 heat centers through an NA 150 line, one after the other. The heat exchangers are connected to the existing return lines of the district heating system, so that the thermal energy is utilized by preheating the return water.

  • Project name: Development of thegeothermal district heating system in Mátészalka
  • Project identification number: KEHOP-5.3.2-17-2017-00024
  • Amount of fund (HUF): 336.165.354
  • Aid intensity: 60 percent
  • Project start date: 01.07.2018.
  • Project completion date: 27.11.2020

Beneficiaries involved in the project:

  • NFP National Development Program Office Nonprofit Ltd. (registered office: 1139 Budapest, Pap Károly utca 4-6.)
  • Mátészalkai District Heating Service Ltd. (seat: 4700 Mátészalka, Munkácsy utca 17.)
  • Geotherm FIRE Ltd. (seat: 1143 Budapest, Hungária körút 83.)