From idea to finished product

With our world-class precision machinery and internationally skilled professionals, we deliver our customers’ designs and orders cost-effectively. And that’s true even when it comes to products that are out of stock. In fact, it really is.

Our fleet of high-tech machines

  • NMV106A Vertical machining centre, 3+1 axis (YCM Industries Co. Ltd.); suitable for 3+1 axis milling
  • YCM NFX-400A 5-axis vertical machining centres (YCM Industries Co. Ltd.); suitable for milling any geometry
  • YCM NTC-2000 LSY counter-rotating Y-axis CNC lathes (YCM Industries Co. Ltd.); maximum turning diameter 350 mm, maximum turning length 686 mm
  • Arburg plastic injection moulding machine in 100 and 200 ton versions, complete with robotic arm and conveyor track; suitable for clean room production of plastic and silicone sanitary products to the highest sanitary standards
  • Zeiss Contura coordinate measuring machine and Zeiss microscope; pillars of our measuring room, alongside our manual measuring instruments

Innovation and expertise: that’s what we do

  • metal and plastic cutting work in series and individual production
  • CNC machining (stainless and carbon steels, aluminium, non-ferrous metals, plastics)
  • arc welding, argon arc welding
  • locksmithing
  • grinding of flat and cylindrical surfaces
  • sheet metal working (edge bending, laser cutting, flame cutting)
  • manufacture of facade and interior panel elements
  • machine building supported by CAD design activities
  • custom manufacturing
  • large series production
  • sourcing and cutting to size of raw materials