Among the major health industry manufacturers, the EU-Fire Group

Ukrainian, Chinese and Australian companies were all interested in premium nitrile gloves made at the EU-Fire Group’s plant in Mátészalka. The venue is Düsseldorf, where our company participated in the MEDICA as a member of a strong „Hungarian national team”.

MEDICA exhibition in Düsseldorf is the world’s largest medical and health industry trade fair. The one that has been slightly weak in the last two years: in 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was forced to move to the online space, and in 2021, only three-quarters of the businesses that usually represent themselves were there – of course, this also meant thousands of companies. The EU-Fire Group, on the other hand, did not stay away last year and, of course, will be represented again this year.

In addition, the intensity and purpose of the presence of the company in 2021 and 2022 are completely different. Last year, the EU-Fire Group showed itself and built relationships, besides tried to position itself as one of the large manufacturers – while it did not yet have products made in series production, as its automated-robotized health industry plant in Mátészalka optimized production processes during trial productions until July 2022 and perfected nitrile gloves Quality. This year, however, our group of companies has already returned to Düsseldorf with premium products – from which it is able to cover 50-60 percent of the needs of the domestic market, as well as export.


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It is no coincidence that the “strategy” was the same in both years: the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency (HEPA) assembled the Hungarian MEDICA team made up of serious players in the health industry – and due to quality and capacity, the EU-Fire Group also belongs to this category. Among others, Momert Zrt., a key player in the medical aid market, or Florin Zrt., which has been producing cosmetics and various hygiene goods for sixty years , are also represented at MEDICA. In a word, the “Hungarian national team” is memorable.

Everyone is interested

The EU-Fire Group’s main product is manufactured at the Mátészalka plant with premium nitrile gloves, and the positioning of the goods seems to match with customer demand. According to the on-the-spot report of our colleagues, an extremely large number of people were interested in Hungarian nitrile gloves – representatives of Bulgarian, Australian and British distribution companies visited the EU-Fire stand, Péter Szabó, director of operations of EU-Fire Kft., among others, had a promising conversation with a Ukrainian company.

It is worth noting that companies from the Far East (including China and Korea) have also visited the exhibition space of the EU-Fire Group – while the market logic focused on price dictates that these companies source their products from glove manufacturers in the neighboring and cheap Far East.

However, if quality is at least as important a purchasing consideration as price, then the EU-Fire Group, which works with really negligible scrap volumes and produces durable, ergonomic pieces, is a real player in any market.