EU-Fire Ltd. has been added to NATO’s list of suppliers

Among other things, EU-Fire Ltd. is able to produce special parts and devices for vehicles and weapons, and now it can do so, as it has obtained the NATO supplier qualification with many advantages.

EU-Fire Ltd. became a member of an elite club: it became one of the approximately three hundred Hungarian enterprises with the so-called NATO supplier qualification. According to the decision of the Ministry of Defense, our company can now participate in procurement procedures announced within the framework of NATO Security Investment Programs. But earning certification is much more than just a market expansion opportunity.

  • Outstanding quality assurance: in order to be awarded the NATO supplier title, each of the branches of EU-Fire Ltd. has been screened to ensure that business processes, manufacturing technologies and processes, financial operations, and so on meet extremely strict military standards. It makes it even more complicated that the Ministry of Defence only grants this qualification to business lines that have been operating for at least three years.
  • Prestige and trust: although certification is necessary for participation in NATO Investment Programmes, it is also an effective confidence-building factor in the “civilian” business world, as its existence makes it clear that the company produces excellent products, has a high-tech, stable business background and operates transparently.
  • An increasing presence at home and abroad: with the qualification, EU-Fire Ltd. can enter not only the defense markets of domestic and North Atlantic Treaty member states. Since the NATO supplier title is international, our company can also gain a foothold in civilian foreign markets with greater success. It can also gain international references and build lasting business relationships with partners whose reliability NATO guarantees at all times.

I am proud that our many years of experience as a real estate developer, engineering, familiarity of geothermal systems and competence in the field of high-tech metal and plastic machining have been recognized by the Ministry of Defense, said József Kerékgyártó.

According to the managing director of EU-Fire Ltd., our two highly robotic-automated factories in Kocsord and Mátészalka can produce a number of special parts and devices, for example for vehicles and weapons.

Of course, the expertise of the plants is much more diverse than this, as can be seen from the list.

  • CNC metal and plastic machining
  • design and manufacture of plastic injection moulding tools
  • production of plastic injection moulded products
  • mechanical surface treatment of metal parts

Obtaining the qualification was an extremely complex process: One example: among other things, it was necessary to prove when, for whom, what and in what value EU-Fire Ltd. has performed metalworking, surface treatment, metal forming, packaging, plastics processing work in the last three years. In any case, emphasized József Kerékgyártó, EU-Fire can now supply its unique parts, tools and solutions if necessary, thanks to the NATO supplier title.