Virus protection: give great Hungarian products a chance!

The EU-Fire Group has launched a web shop, so people, companies and healthcare actors can protect themselves against various (typically Covid) infections with innovative, Hungarian products. The range is constantly expanding.

Although the coronavirus pandemic is just behind of the war and the increasing prices on people’s list of problems, it would be a mistake to forget that Covid has stayed here with us and is infecting us fiercely: in the past week, almost 13 thousand new cases have been recorded by the health care system.

Medical institutions do what they can, their doctors examine infectious patients one by one. But “civilians” also have a responsibility to contain the epidemic. If you do not want the epidemic to break loose, or your family and friends to be bedridden by the virus, you should take care of the purchase of basic “protective equipment” in a timely manner.

This can be easily done by individuals, companies and healthcare institutions in the EU-Fire Group’s webshop. The offer of our “digital shop”, which has just been launched, is constantly expanding. Our company believes in domestic innovation, so two of our base products are made in Hungary: nitrile rubber gloves are manufactured in one of the most modern Hungarian health industry plants, while the mask is an excellent product of a Hungarian research institute.

Nitrile test and protective gloves are more durable than the mostly Far Eastern products on the market, in other words, they do not tear. The advantage of its material, consisting of more than a dozen components, is not only durability, an equally important feature is that it is skin-friendly. That is, it does not provoke any allergic reactions. And these two features are important not only when using nitrile gloves for health care.

Since our product is not only test but also protective equipment certified, it can be used in many industries. It can be worn by automotive workers, it can be used by employees of the beauty industry, cooks and kitchen helpers can work in it. Many more examples could be given (and many of its features could be highlighted), but the main thing is that in terms of value for money, it is one of the best premium products on the domestic market.